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16KD Project Info


16KD is a proposal for a residence located on a site with glacial till and hard gneiss bedrock typical of Fairfield County. The building-site strategy takes advantage of the dramatic rock outcroppings on the site, using a T-shaped parti to create three distinct outdoor court spaces: an arrival court to the north, a pool and entertaining court bermed between the house and a high knoll at the west, and a dining terrace perched above a rocky slope to the east. The house itself is organized into three wings: formal living, informal living and support spaces, anchored to the site by a masonry wall. The merger of these wings at the juncture of the T becomes a kind of non-architecture; through layers of glass and play of light this entry space becomes a prismatic node that provides connection vertically to each story of the house as well as laterally to each wing and to the various landscape spaces beyond.