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38PR Project Info


The residential community of Scarsdale, NY, was part of a suburban movement influenced by Olmsted’s ‘Garden Suburb’. The twenties saw a building boom in the suburb, many Tudor style houses in the area date from this period. Project 38PR, a 1929 Tudor style house, underwent a renovation to the existing interior spaces, and an addition that strives to strengthen the relationship between interior and exterior habitable space in a suburban context. The addition not only adds to the living spaces on the ground floor, but it also redistributes program, facilitating further penetration of light into the interior of the home. This new open plan maintains programmatic specificity through the employment of slight sectional shifts, which define separate areas of use without disrupting views. The addition’s building mass is a single story volume with a sedum roof, allowing for green views from the second floor bedrooms. The dark grey exterior addition produces a dynamic contrast against the existing white stucco Tudor walls. The addition encourages a dynamic dialogue between landscape and building with constant movement in the program, the inhabitant’s connectivity with each space is always present.


Photography by © David Sundberg / Esto
                          © Phillip Ennis