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BH17 Project Info


The Brushy Hill residence is a modern house nestled on a steep site overlooking a creek. The house serves as a quiet refuge for its owners, who were taken with the multitude of trees that blanket the site—in every room, one looks out into the forested lot and senses they are not just near the trees, but in the trees.

The design concept for the house emphasized the views, allowing them to take center stage. The color palette in the living room and master bedroom furnishings were kept neutral to showcase the changing colors of the seasons out beyond the windows. Both the furnishings and the materials were selected to give the spaces a clean, pared-down aesthetic.

With a firm belief that less is more, a few exquisite materials were selected to bring each space to life: oil-rubbed metals, American black walnut, silky banana fiber rugs, and buttery leathers. Built-in furnishings were employed to bring a sense of clarity and unity to the house. Vibrant hues in the family room are intensified by the dynamic colors of the landscape beyond, a reminder that everywhere in this modern tree house, nature reigns supreme.


Photography by © Anastassios Mentis Photography