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Palm Beach Residence Project Info

Palm Beach Residence

This apartment, a unit within an oceanfront complex built in 1975, was designed to provide an open and serene environment for a fine art connoisseur while capturing views of the coastal landscape beyond.  The colorful artwork reflects the spectrum of the sky, golf course, and tropical shore that surrounds the complex.

Within the apartment, interior teak partitions, rather than traditionally framed walls, enclose private rooms, allowing for various layout configurations within a seamless, transitional space. The partition panels also act as a gradient, transitioning from a lattice pattern of teak louvers over milk-glass walls at the front entry to solid teak at the back, ocean side of the apartment, allowing for a dramatic reflection of light and waves.  The eye is drawn to fine details and distinct niches built to house and display a selection of the client’s world-class art collection.

Custom furniture, including the study desk, bed and bench frames, chairs, and console tables, were designed within the clear, minimal language of the architecture.  These forms and simple pieces, inspired in part by the designs of R.M. Schindler, and the refined geometries focus on framing striking views of both the contemporary artworks and stunning coastline.


Photography by © David Sundberg / Esto