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Re/Da I Project Info

Re/Da I

Scientists have long considered water to be the basic substance, the basic building block of life on earth. This project attempts to expand upon this observation and idea and its potential in architecture. The key concept here is to explore the traditional notion of roof as shelter (from the elements) and couple it with the notion of vessel as a means for gathering and collecting natural rain water and harnessing it as another medium and architectural effect within the traditional notion of a house.

The house as fish tank. The design proposal investigates differing emotional and experiential links between the natural flows of light, water, and time with the harder, more static, material conditions of a house. The roof collects and funnels rain water to the main ends of the house: the Entry Garden and the Rear Garden Court. Water moves in the slot between the two principal volumes and is transformed into a water event and garden court at each transition between inside and outside, building and nature, and celebrates this union through the changing flows of water, light, and time.

Following the diaphanous and specular qualities of water, the spatial and programmatic sequencing of this house is a linear flow of self-contained, support program objects housed within the two larger trapezoidal frames of the building. Each of these programmatic units varies in material translucency to affect a vision of objects floating within this frame, as if floating in water.

Photography by © David Sundberg / Esto