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River Residence Project Info

River Residence

River Residence is a result of the amalgamation of periods, which coexist in a rural, wooded, village-like site. The addition consists of two large, wooden screen volumes, which envelop perpendicular facades of the home; a reference to the traditional fences of rural New England, these screens divide the site, creating a separation from the road and adding privacy. The screens work with the existing rocky knolls on the site to create nestled spaces and to emphasize the open vistas of the natural sanctuary to the rear of the home. Whereas the traditional purpose of subdividing rural property had agricultural intention, here the use of new construction and natural elements provide both open and intimate spaces on the site; the rear opens up onto a picturesque, hilly landscape, while the front has pocketed spaces that guide one through exterior and interior space, ultimately to the meadow on the other side of the house.


Photography by © Colin Miller

                          © David Sundberg/Esto