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Sanctuary Project Info


Conceived as a nature sanctuary for the Owner, this outdoor addition affords a retreat and refuge for both owner and quiet, meditative views that commune with the surrounding natural environment and wildlife.  The design aims to explore and emphasize the property’s expansive greenery and the pond at its periphery.

A series of cascading screened and covered teak/mahogany terraces are cantilevered and negotiate the immediate surrounding wetlands and changing topography. These perches afford 180-degree views of the adjacent small lake, waterfall, rolling river, and man-made pond.  Each of the three different elevations of terraces promote different perspectives and intimately connect views of the various bodies of water all within the overall prism of a large 24′ tall, mahogany + teak, open, screened structure.

The simple, but elegant contrast between the all-teak/mahogany interior planks, in their warm color hues + tones and stain-lacquer finishes both echoes and provides a gentle repose to the surrounding natural ecology of water and plant-life.  This unique outdoor space may well be one of only a handful of two-story screened in and covered porches in the United States.  It is certainly one of the most inviting and beautiful from our perspective.


Photography by © David Sundberg / Esto