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Spectrum Project Info


Spectrum Asset Management

High Ridge Park · Stamford, CT

When undertaking the design of an office space for Spectrum Asset Management, our design challenge was to create a customized work environment that gave flexibility to the staff to adapt the space to suit their needs, and to facilitate open and transparent communication between the various departments within the firm.

Spectrum acquired the lease on 5,000 square feet of space in the iconic High Ridge Park, originally designed in the late 1960’s by Victor Bisharat. Our design strove to re-imbue the space with qualities that reinforce and reassert its modernist aspirations: openness, lightness, and innovation. These aspirations are also closely aligned with the operational goals of Spectrum Asset Management: openness of communication, innovation in business strategy, and transparency in procedure.

The inherent panoptic nature of the space leant itself to an overarching organizational strategy in which a series of translucent and transparent panels were employed, partitioning the space without obstruction or segregation. The trading floor and two directors’ offices are continuous—an open plan divided only by a series of glass panels. Operable (sliding) panels allow each director to close his office for a higher degree of privacy, or open the office to the trading floor to maintain more direct connectivity with the traders and operations staff.


Photography by © David Sundberg / Esto