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Awards, a new project in development, a bold multimedia artist, a trip to Marfa, TX, among others.
     INTERIOR DESIGN MAGAZINE, Best of Year Awards
     STONINGTON RESIDENCE > Merit Beach/Country House
     As part of their yearly assessment, Interior Design Magazine honored the country’s best in interior architecture and design last
     December. Joeb Moore & Partners was invited to the Manhattan event where the magazine presented the key 2014 Awards. In
     the “Merit Beach/Country House” category, our Stonington Residence was honored as a Merit work and was featured in their
     December 2014 publication (see feature below).
      THE CHICAGO ATHENAEUM, 2013 American Architecture Award: 
       SPIRAL HOUSE > American Architecture
       The Old Greenwich residence was one of 65 American buildings recognized by the Chicago Athenaeum and the European Centre for
       Architecture, Art Design and Urban Studies in Athens, Greece for their “high standard of excellence in design, construction, planning,
       and sustainability”. Subsequently, Spiral House was featured in an exhibition entitled “The City and the World”,  at the
       14th International Biennial of Architecture Buenos Aires from September 19 through October 15, 2013 at Centro Cultural Recoleta in
       Buenos Aires, Argentina. The accompanying catalogue, Global Design + Urbanism, featured all of the projects included in the
      The color selected by the Joeb Moore & Partners office for its 2014 Featured Color is Red Orange (Light Red #32).
      Deliberation was conducted between various proposals, but a nearly intuitive response towards the visual history and chromatic power
      of the red hue brought the discussion to a quick resolution. The color Red will be found in the storefront window of the firm’s office,
      as well as its publication materials and communication sheets.
      Click on joebmoore.com for an updated homepage visual palette.
      The Work of Multimedia Artist Dan Flavin and interiors painter David Lee Thompson (far right). 
   Check out the following publications and online blogs in which our work has been recently featured:
   (to view the articles click on the Project name)
                          Connecticut Cottages and Gardens, January 2014
                                                    (Spiral House)                                                            I.D. Magazine, December 2013  
Design Boom Online Feature, February 2014 
                   Online Feature, January 2014                                                           Follow us on Twitter @JoebMooreArch for 
                        (Stonington Residence)                                                                   Design, Lecture and Press Updates! 
Architectural Record Magazine Online, March 2014
   The Stonington Residence, which was featured under construction on our 2011 Winter NewsBar, is now complete. 
   The residence, a renovated and restored historic house, is sited between 300 feet of waterfront and a large meadow in Stonington,
   Connecticut. While the house is sited on a small stone ledge, the site’s additional rock outcrops help to organize outdoor spaces, which
   include a studio and garage, a pool, and outdoor patios.
   An image of the front face before renovation:
   The original house had five bedrooms, three bathrooms, a library, a laboratory, and three fireplaces, all built along a granite wall that
   runs through the center of the house. The wall remains the primary organizing device and functions as a stabilizing center around
   which new construction produces entryways and circulation through the home; this element also acts as a culmination point of the
   material logics of the house. In addition to the stone wall, blackened steel and plywood finishes provide linkages between public and
   private programs. Finally, a rectangular second-floor volume encapsulates the primary bedroom suites and is wrapped in a corrugated
   metal envelope that directs views from the porches while softly contrasting the natural stone of the lower exterior.
   North Elevation
   Schematic Development Massing Diagram
   The existing house was originally designed during World War II (1945) by architect John Lincoln, former senior architect for the Navy at
   Quonset Point and professor of architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design. Frank Lloyd Wright’s influence on the architect is
   evident in Lincoln’s use of stone, glass corner windows and a flat roof.  Due to the nature of the materials and construction methods
   used on the original building, the design process was akin to an archaeological investigation, revealing the home’s unique construction
   and incorporating its materials and methods into a new design.
   First Floor Plan, Before Renovation
   First Floor Plan, After Renovation
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   The primary materials in the original house were stone and wood. Our renovation made use of these existing elements as well as
   introducing blackened steel and corrugated corten steel as a nod to Lincoln’s legacy. Within the palette of metal, wood and stone, it
   is the wooden elements that moderate the space. Wood surfaces are deployed in the new design to recalibrate and re-order the
   sequences and experiences of the house, both inside and out.
    After photos by David Sundberg/Esto


    RITZ TOWER > New York, NY
    Joeb Moore & Partner’s interior renovation project at the Ritz Tower is fully underway.
    Application of panels and finishes in walls, counters and ceiling is the next phase to be completed. A number of studies produced
    during the design development phase explored the performative and expressive qualities of various wood species, as determined by
    the relationships at play inside the apartment. Comprehensively, the changes made to the apartment have been generated through a
    logic of operations that highlights open space, creating an inhabitable canvas for the diverse pieces of the client’s remarkable art  

    Renderings of ultimate apartment finish:

   (T)EA HOUSE > Old Greenwich, CT
   Joeb Moore & Partners Architects is pleased to showcase some of its work in the design of the project titled “(T)ea House”, a residential
   construction to be completed in the coastal community of Old Greenwich, CT.  The client has approved the design scheme, and the
   detailed development of its features is currently in full course.
   The future waterfront residence will consist of three main pavilions, connected and serviced by a central stair core and loft roof ‘fin’.
   This formal strategy will resolve the programmatic and zoning requirements of the waterfront residence, and it will allow for a design    
   scheme that can create interesting moments and spaces as the inhabitant experiences different zones and different angles. The  
   organization of these pavilions in a ‘T’ configuration (see image below) will allow the design to generate contextual relationships
   between the house and the existing pool, the Long Island Sound and the street level.
   The contribution of consultants Balmori Associates will reinforce the embedded quality of these pavilions, working in rhythmic
   coordination with the landscape elements in the ground and in the roof gardens above to anchor the new residence in the epicenter of a
   direct corridor between the street and the sound. Similarly, the orientation of the garage and garden path will reinforce the naturally
   existing corridor that links street level and waterside.
   More updates on final designs and subsequent construction to be shared soon.
   Perspective Rendering, after 100% Schematic Design


   1/32″ Study, Depicting Formation of “T” by Separate Pavilions (Above) – In Which “Extrovert” and “Introvert” Conditions Define Spatial
   Arrangements (Below)
     First Floor Plan
    1/16″ Model, In Site



     1/16″ Model, In Site

   Landscape plan designed for the (T)ea House by Balmori Associates
    Rendered Elevation Through South Pavilion, after 100% Schematic Development

    Interior Drawing – Composition of the South Pavilion, Ground Floor

    Early Schematic Model



    January 23 & 24
    Board of Director’s Meeting
    Cultural Landscape Foundation
    Washington, D.C.

   Joeb Moore attended the event as part of the CLF’s Stewardship Council. 
   March 3    
   2014 AIA New York Design Awards, Juror
   Category: Interior Architecture
   American Institute of Architects
   New York, NY
   Joeb Moore served as juror for the AIA’s prestigious Design Awards, in the Interiors Category of the New York Chapter. The      
   winning project in this category was designed by Clive Wilkinson Architects from Culver City, California.  
   April 3 & 4
  “Latitutes 6” Symposium, Lecturer
   University of Texas
   Austin, Texas
   Joeb Moore was scheduled to give a lecture at the University of Texas School of Architecture’s “Latitudes symposium” – a two-day
   event that addressed key issues for the field of architecture in the Western Hemisphere. Mr. Moore was one of two American architects  
   asked to speak at this year’s symposium, which also invited recognized practitioners from Canada, Mexico, Ecuador, Chile, Paraguay
   and Uruguay.
   Last December, Joeb Moore & Partners sponsored the Newcomer’s Club of
   New Canaan’s “Homes For the Holidays” House Tour, a perennial winter
   event organized to celebrate the rich architectural tradition of the vibrant
   Connecticut town. In its 2013 edition, the tour brought together a group of
   contemporary residential works, with special consideration for
   the performance and aesthetic value of each home.
   The office was also glad to contribute to the event by producing a small gift for tour members.
   For more information on the activities and upcoming events of the Newcomers Club click to their website.

   By now an office tradition, the perennial competition to design and produce the Joeb Moore & Partners holiday card was a success,
   producing a number of different approaches in style and mediaDifferent submissions vied for the 1st place, but the final decision
   resulted in a split winner.
   Staff architects Tom and Alex, whose light and printed card proposals were both inviting ideas, are featured below.
      1st prize (shared) – Tom Lontine
       1st prize (shared) – Alex Chabla

      Joeb Moore + Partners sponsors:
      Daniel Urban Kiley (1912-2004) was one of the most important and visionary Modernist landscape architects, acclaimed for
      more than 1,000 designs worldwide. In November, TCLF presented a RETROSPECTIVE of Kiley’s life and prolific body of
      work, a special edition of the annual Landslide compendium. Also, a traveling exhibition of photography, showcasing some of
      Kiley’s most important commissions as they appear today, began its nationwide tour at the Boston Architectural College.
      To Learn More & Register for the National Building Museum: https://tclf.org/event/kiley-exhibition-opening-reception
     Clement Valla is an artist, programmer, photographer and professor at the Rhode Island School of Design. According to Valla’s bio, he
     “works within systems, applying a ‘programmed brain’ that pushes problem-solving logic to irrational ends”. His area of research
     interests is created by subjects like repetition, infrastructure and data visualization, informing the production of his works through    
     carefully curated photography, mechanical registers and digital diagrams. His most recent exhibition,”Iconoclashes”, sought to create
     a catalogue of diverse religious representations in objects housed by the Metropolitan Museum of New York. An algorithm coded by
     Valla grouped and cast these found images within a constructed network of visual conditions, blurring the lines between geopolitical
     and sociocultural divisions to render a textured canvas of similar dissimilar objects.
     His work has been cited in The Guardian, Wall Street Journal, TIME Magazine, El Pais, Huffington Post, Rhizome, Domus, Wired, The
     Brooklyn Rail, Liberation, and on BBC television. Moreover, he is a former member of the Joeb Moore & Partners staff, as well as a
     key collaborator in the creation of the firm’s website.
     For more on Clement Valla click to the artist’s website.


    FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT EXHIBIT TOUR > New York, NY > Museum of Modern Art
    This March, our staff enjoyed a tremendous guided tour of two exhibits at the Museum of Modern Art: the Frank Lloyd Wright 
    exhibition entitled “Frank Lloyd Wright and The City: Density vs. Dispersal”, as well as the Isa Genzken retrospective (see below).
    The Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit is the first collaboration generated by the new partnership between the museum and the Columbia    
    University Library Collection. Large scale models of Wright’s work are featured prominently by the curators of the exhibit, as are the  
    drawings and documents that capture his design process in every facet.
    “City: Density vs. Dispersal” will be featured at the Museum of Modern Art in new York City through June 1.
         (Copyright: Museum of Modern Art, Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation)
     MANHATTAN FIELD TRIP > 101 Spring St. > Donald Judd Soho House
     The former home-studio of renowned minimalist Donald Judd – in development  for nearly twelve years before opening to the public
     for the first time in the Fall of 2013 – allowed the JM & P staff to experience the urban application of Judd’s design ideas closely, in
     the most private of settings. The five floor building, which was restored under the acute supervision of the Judd Foundation – thanks
     to private support and grants from the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the U.S. National Park Service, included pieces by
     artists such as Dan Flavin, Marcel Duchamp and Ad Reinhardt, and was curated in line with Judd’s vision for a “permanent installation”
     in the corner of Spring and Broadway.


     (Above – copyright Judd Foundation, Below – purveyed by Pippa)

     HOLIDAY STUDIO TRIP > Donald Judd in Marfa > Chinati Foundation, Judd Foundation and Prada Marfa > Marfa, TX
     In the winter of 2013, Joeb Moore & Partners studio undertook a trip to Marfa, Texas. The voyage was conceived as a research trip to
     view and experience the home, studios, and site-specific “situations” of Donald Judd, and the unlikely art community that he inspired
     in the Far West Texas town. Although Judd’s work had a familiarity afforded by our interests in art history and visual culture, the
     pieces took on radical new dimensions when viewed in-situ, collapsed against the surreal desert landscape and the artifacts of a highly  
     politicized border region. The trip became a pilgrimage, as the manifold nuances of Judd’s vision revealed themselves over the three-
     day period, providing a wealth of inspiration and further questioning with which to return to the studio.
     The photos below convey a few of the many moments experienced by the staff in their expeditions to the The Donald Judd Foundation,
     The Chinati Foundation and Marfa, itself.
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