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Inspired by Artist Donald Judd’s Multicolored Works, 2016’s new color is Blaulila (RAL 4005).






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Join Joeb on an architectural and landscape journey through Stonington, CT!


Garden Dialogues: Connecticut
Past, Present, and Future: A Journey Down Stonington’s Historic North Street
Sep17 at Manatuck Farm 10:30 am











Stone Acres Farm Pavilion > Stonington, CT

Joeb Moore & Partners Architects is selected from a shortlist of architects to be the design architects for Stone Acres Farm – a collaborative Agriculture, Food, & Community campus, in collaboration with Reed / Hilderbrand Landscape Architects in Cambridge, MA, who are responsible for the master plan.

Check out the images below under Design to see the progress!


Modern House Day Tour + Symposium > New Canaan, CT

The New Canaan Historical Society hosted the annual Modern House Day Tour + Symposium featuring two residential projects designed by Joeb Moore & Partners on May 14th! Guests arrived at Grace Farms in the morning and continued with tours of modern for a full day of architectural inspiration.






AIA Maine

2016 Design Awards Jury > Joeb More, Juror



Pella Design Council

Joeb Moore has been invited to join the Pella Design Council, an advisory board that makes recommendations to Pella and its affiliate companies on trends in the design profession.




Clemson University > College of Architecture

2016 Graduate & Undergraduate Thesis Studio Final Review & Awards Selection > Chair > Joeb Moore, invited Guest Juror

Clemson University College of Architecture / Thomas Phifer and Partners / 2011



Georgia Institute of Technology > College of Architecture

2016 Graduate & Undergraduate Final Reviews > Joeb Moore, invited Guest Juror



(Above) Images of models from student projects; student presenting project; image of studio environment



Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute > School of Architecture

2016 Undergraduate Final Project Thesis Awards Jury > Joeb Moore, invited Guest Juror





45GCT  > Connecticut

45GCT is a residential project composed of two shifting parallel bars facing Long Island Sound. The two bars are linked by a grand spiral staircase which marks the entry into the home. The east elevations are entirely glazed to maximize of the water. The disintegration of the formal structure into the organic landscape is connected by continuous views to the Sound.












PRU Office > Stamford, Connecticut

The renovation of the Prutting & Co Custom Builders office investigates the intersection of old forms with new forms. The facade as a skin wraps the building in vertical louvers.  Another layer of skin, the fence, wraps the perimeter of the site, creating an interior courtyard.








T(EA) House > Connecticut

The T(EA) House, in Connecticut, sits on a long, linear lot that reaches out toward views of the Long Island Sound. Three volumes (“primitives”), similar in size, are linked together by a sculptural staircase, the middle volume pivoting 90 degrees at the intersection of landscape and building and producing the T shaped form. Throughout the assembly and material selection, the T(EA) House is carefully conceived as a passive house, following LEED requirements and resulting a low energy building.










Yayoi Kusama > Narcissus Garden >The Glass House > New Canaan, Connecticut

Joeb Moore & Partners Supports Yayoi Kusama Exhibit at The Glass House!

Currently, Narcissus Garden, comprising of 1,300 floating steel spheres, is open to the public through November 30 at The Glass House pond. From September 1-26, Kusama will install Dots Obsession-Alive, Seeking for Eternal Hope, which covers the house itself in polka dots. Joeb Moore & Partners and Petit Art Partners are sponsoring this dots installation and film program.






4439TA > Riverdale, New York

The project is a garage addition in Riverdale, New York that delicately considers the Tudor style of the existing adjacent home and the scale of the neighborhood. The design borrows material from the Tudor style, while exploring different formal qualities of space.


Elevation from entry court




Street perspectives of design schemes


Elevation from street


Second Floor Plan


North Elevation



Stone Acres Farm > Stonington, Connecticut

The Stones Acres Farm is a project, in collaboration with Reed / Hilderbrand, that exists at the intersection of many eras and many places. As a residence, it includes a series of buildings dating back to the middle of the eighteenth century, tied together by a rich cultural tapestry with deep family roots in the town of Stonington. As a working farm, Stone Acres has been powered by technological innovation of agriculture, engineering and commerce. “Sea to Farm to Community Table” campus for sustainable living, rooted in practices conceived through a deep and abiding commitment to connect community to its local, natural and human resources. The primary organizing agent for the design concept is the primary road, or pentway, which cuts through the architectural, landscape and farm operation zones.




Master plan proposal, landscaping drawing by Reed / Hilderbrand


East – West section


North – South section





Dallas Trip The JM team travels to Dallas, Texas to visit some prominent architectural buildings!

Check out the photos below!

Kimbell Art Museum > Louis Kahn > Fort Worth, Texas

The Kimbell Art Museum designed in 1972 by Louis Kahn is a series of 16 parallel vaulted galleries linked by strings of natural light. These beautiful strips of light are created by overlapping and offsetting two cycloid curves. Kahn explores a neutral color palette using travertine and marble to exaggerate lighting.



Nasher Sculpture Center > Renzo Piano > Dallas, Texas

The Nasher Sculpture Center, adjacent to the Dallas Museum of Art, displays modern and contemporary sculptures by incorporating an experience that overlaps indoor galleries with outdoor garden spaces.



Perot Museum of Nature and Science > Morphosis Architects > Dallas, Texas

Inspired by the program, the Perot Museum integrates architecture, nature, and technology into the design. Morphosis floats a large cube above a plinth articulating the urban context. The dynamic landscaped plinth ungulates and curves to form a geometric primitive courtyard at the entrance. A diagonal glass cased escalator penetrates through the skin of the building to filter light, while also exposing circulation onto the facade.



Dee and Charles Wyly Theater > OMA > Dallas, Texas

The Dee and Charles Wyly Theater, by OMA in 2009, is a series of vertically stacked programs into an extruded box. Appearing to be confined to the vertical metal rods on the facade, the program penetrates through the facade and into the urban community. Performances can choose to incorporate urban views of the skyline or streetscape into the theater experience, providing flexibility.



Point Foundation > Point Honors Gala > New York City

By attending the annual Point Honors gala at the New York Public Library, JM&P supported Point Foundation, which empowers promising LGBTQ students to achieve their full academic and leadership potential – despite the obstacles often put before them – to make a significant impact on society.




GoStride > Port Chester, New York

In April, the office team goes to GoStride! Thanks Jenny!



A Japanese Constellation: Toyo Ito, SANAA, and Beyond > MOMA >  New York City

Currently, the MOMA is holding an exhibition focused on presenting drawings, models, and images from contemporary Japanese architecture to examine influence in a global scale and to challenge the idea of the individual architect into a collective effort. The exhibition includes Kazuyo Sejima, Ryue Nishizawa, Sou Fujimoto, Akihisa Hirata, and Junya Ishigami.





Featured Artist Series


Black Paintings > Francisco de Goya > Museo Nacional del Prado > Madrid, Spain

A series of 14 oil paintings by Fransisco de Goya from 1819 to 1823 exploring dark, disturbing themes of fear and insanity in humanity.

Below: Saturn Devouring His Son, 1819-1823



Featured Artist


Tony Cragg > Stacks

Tony Cragg, a sculptor, from Liverpool, UK interested in exploring the relationship between humans and surrounding objects through the ordering and composing of mixed materials in an extruded form.



Featured Artist


Richard Barnes > Hotel, TWA Terminal > print

Richard Barnes is a New York based photographer that explores architecture as artifact, especially exposing the interaction of human being in their natural surrounding environment.



Featured Architecture


James Turrell > Twilight Epiphany > Rice University, Texas

Installation opposite Thomas Phifer Student Pavilion



James Turrell > Twilight Epiphany > Rice University, Texas

Installation opposite Thomas Phifer Student Pavilion



John Portman > Marriott Marquis > Atlanta, Georgia

The Atlanta Marriott Marquis, a 52 story building, constructed in 1985, is a parametric design, which in the late 90s and early 2000s, parametric modeling with computer aided design just began to gain popularity.



Featured International Architecture


Caxiaforum > Herzog de Mueron > Madrid, Spain


Puente Nuevo spanning El Tajo > Ronda, Spain


Metropol Parasol > Jürgen Mayer > Seville, Spain



Suggested Reading / Listening


Dave Eggers > The Circle
> social media and technology

Lars Spuybroek > The Sympathy of Things
digital and biological design

Yuval Noah Harari > Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind
> biology and evolution

Siddhartha Mukherjee > The Gene: An Intimate History
genetics and origins of humankind

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