09.15.2017 | Publications

Serendipity Magazine

Joeb Moore is featured in an interview with Serendipity Magazine > September issue. Click here to read the full article.    

05.3.2017 | Publications

AT HOME Magazine

At Home Magazine > May/June 2017 Issue   

02.8.2017 | Publications

Interior Design – “Decade of Design”

Interior Design > Decade of Design

10.9.2015 | Publications

Residential Architect Magazine

Residential Architect Magazine Online > “Parsing Architecture’s Duality”

10.9.2015 | Publications

Green Building & Design Magazine

GB&D Magazine > Sept/Oct 2015 “Where Past and Present Reside Together”

10.9.2015 | Publications

The Wall Street Journal

Joeb Moore & Partners’ 35HP Project was recently featured in The Wall Street Journal. The piece, titled “Tudor with a Big Box Twist,” dives into the principles of the design and the collaborative relationship between the owners and architect.

07.22.2014 | Publications

Connecticut Cottages & Gardens

Inovation in Design Awards 2014

10.22.2013 | Publications

Connecticut Cottages & Gardens

Inovation in Design Awards 2013

10.22.2012 | Publications

2012 Wood Award

by Canadian Wood Council, 2012– Bridge House

10.1.2012 | Publications

Connecticut Cottages & Gardens

Innovation in Design Awards 2012

10.1.2012 | Publications

Residential Architect Magazine

Magazine of the AIA > March-April 2012

10.1.2012 | Publications

Forbes Magazine

Places and Spaces > June 2012 “Amazing Jigsaw-Puzzle Homes”

05.14.2011 | Publications

Barnard Magazine > the Meaning of Green

Joeb Moore + Partners > Architects’ projects The Bridge House and NC Town I House are featured in the article “The Meaning of Green” in the Spring 2011 Issue of Barnard Magazine. The article can be accessed by clicking on the link here.

04.14.2011 | Publications

Archdaily > Featured Projects

We are pleased to announce that three projects by Joeb Moore + Partners > Architects: Spiral House in Old Greenwich, PL 44 in Greenwich and The Bridge House in Kent were featured in archdaily this Spring. To read the individual articles please click here.

03.15.2011 | Publications

Architecture Now! Houses – Taschen Book Release

The Joeb Moore + Partners > Architects’ project PL 44 is included in the Taschen Book Architecture Now! HOUSES.

12.20.2010 | Publications

Residential Architect > 50 Top Residential Architects in the Us

Joeb Moore + Partners > Architects has been selected as one of the top 50 firms in the United States. If you would like to read the individual articles, please click here.

11.3.2010 | Publications

Luxury Home, Nov/Dec 2010

The Joeb Moore was featured in the Nov/Dec 2010 issue of Luxury Home Magazine in an article entitled Educator, Architect, Artist. The article focused on the social context of residential design and highlighted three recent projects: Bridge House, Spiral House and 44PL.

10.19.2010 | Publications

Nice House

The Joeb Moore + Partners > Architects’ project 44PL is a featured project in Samuel G. White’s new book, Nice House.

11.4.2009 | Publications

Celebrating Excellence in Wood Structures

The Joeb Moore + Partners’ project Spiral House is featured in the 2009-2010 North American Wood Design Awards Book, Celebrating Excellence in Wood Structures. The Canadian Wood Council puts out an awards book annually to showcase leading architectural and structural wood uses from projects across North America.  

11.19.2007 | Publications

2007 – Residential Architect ‘Rising Star’

Joeb Moore was awarded the 2007 Residential Architect & AIA ‘Rising Star’ Leadership Award and was featured in the November/December 2007 issue of Residential Architect Magazine.