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Nov 10,2012

In October, Joeb Moore & Partners participated in the Greenwich Canstruction Competition. Participating architecture firms designed and built large scale designs made from cans of food. After exhibiting the designs, the cans used for construction were donated to Neighbor to Neighbor, which feeds those in need in our area. Joeb Moore & Partners extends a special thanks to Andy and Pam Kauffman for their generous support towards purchasing cans.

Joeb Moore & Partners entry: can-scape  

Our Canstruction was derived from an interest in using the constraints of cans to create a unique and abstract form, while also adhering to a can’s basic intention: stacking.  Conceived as a contoured landscape of concentrically stacked rings, the sculpture creates a pixilated approximation of a three-dimensional relief map in which color ranges from cool to warm as the landscape rises.  A landscape conceived in this way not only references land (where the contents of the cans originates), but it also allows for can variety, each color representing a different canned food.  The cans are positioned to present a dominant solid color, but also to call attention to the nutrition label, the standard symbol that reveals a cans true value.  Finally, within the seemingly fluid can-scape three cratered pinnacles emerge, one thin and tall, one short and wide, and one in between, creating a proportional harmony of forms, all in relative scale to the human observer.

Canstruction Team:

Nate Wooten, Jason Bond, Dorian Booth, Nancy Kessler, Pippa Ruse, Diego Arango, Ilsa Falis, Brandt Knapp



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